December 2021

Contemporary proximity profiling techniques were summarized and published in Chem. Asian J. for newbies. This article is also selected as a front cover (link).

November 2021

YTN Science "Visualize Infection" (link)

September 2021

A comprehensive investigation of photo-crosslinking BODIPY scaffold and the development of the second generation scaffold, called pcBDaza, was developed. (link)

March 2021

We started the new year in the Department of Pharmacology, Korea University College of Medicine.

December 2019

Jun-Seok received the 2019 National Scientific Excellence Prize from Prime Minister of Science and ICT. (link)

December, 2018

O-salicylaldehyde has been utilized for the N-term ser/thr selective ligation in organic condition, and we explored this chemistry in aqueous condition that led to discovery of N-term cys selectivity. (link)

June, 2018

Image-based host cell infection profiling using fluorescence superoxide probe perfectly discriminates 3 AI subtypes (H1N1, H5N9, H9N2). (link)

March, 2018

Live cell imaging of chloro-functionalized photo-affinity BODIPY probe reveals sub-cellular accumulations. This article was selected as cover feature. (link)

Jan, 2018

Cellular binding target of dansyl fluorophore containing vinylsulfone group was identified as 3-Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHGDH), a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of serine. (link)

Oct, 2017

Aggregation property of organic fluorophore can be a key for biomolecule sensing. We demonstrated bulk aggregation based fluorescence turn-on sensor for progesterone using Dansyl scaffold. It was selected as Hot Paper from Angew. Chem. (link)


Aug, 2017

Comprehensive evaluation of bio-orthogonal photo-crosslinker for bio-active small molecule was studied (BRD4 inhibitor case study). (link)

May, 2016

First 48 membered dansyl library (DS) synthesis and their photo-physical properties were reported. (link)

July, 2015

Dr. Murale awarded Korea Research Fellowship program. Congratulations!! (link1, link2)

April, 2015

The first photo-affinity BODIPY scaffold was published in Chem. Comm. (link)

April, 2015

Transcriptome expression assisted non-directed proteomic profiling (TEAnDPP) strategy demonstrated identification of host cell response factors. (link)

April, 2015

Unbiased fluorophore tagging together with competitive chemical proteomic profiling reveals host cell cycle regulator from Salmonella. (link)

March, 2014

Novel method to distinguish pathogenic bacteria using proteome reactivity profile was published in Chem. Comm. (link)

February, 2014

Synthetic chemist point of view regarding activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) was published in BMB Reports. (link)

March, 2012

The first fluorescence image-based phenomic profiling study was published in PLOS ONE. (link)

December, 2010

The first BODIPY library paper was selected as JACS Select collection focused on Supramolecular and Chemical Cascade Approaches to Molecular Sensing ( J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 10077-10082).


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